Friday, March 20, 2009


MARCH 20, 2009

Hey all. I am DETERMINED to BLOG A LITTLE at least every day. Like every new year's resolution, every weight loss plan or health plan or diet, we shall see how long it lasts!


You know what I say to this popular myth -- NONSENSE! My kids are well-rounded, engaging, well-spoken, and honors students. I say thins not to be a braggart I swear. But to use my own life experience to disple the notion that somehow evil will become your children if they watch too much tv. My kids learned math, stats, vocabulary, new words, and memory skills from tc. Thank you ESPN! Now I am only half-kidding here. I appreciate the notion of engaging your kids, and having them read and write. But each kid is different. There is no shame in tv. Especially if you stop and use it asa teaching tool! So should you have kids who like TV don;t panic! Doesn;t mean they will all wind up 400 pounds with no brain:) I view this parenting "absolute" as exaggerated religious dogma. Or more consistnet with certain other myths -- don't go swimming after a full meal. Why not exactly? By the way, one could easily substitute "video games" for tv up above!


For those who have suffered through the demise of this once proud franchise, it is insulting to consider a team 12 games under .500 that plays no defense, has no center, and basically play streetball are a "playoff contender." The Sacramento Kings, the worst team in basketball came into the "World's Most Famous Arena" and opened up the game 15-0 tonight.

What is more amazing than that sad fact is that the brilliant coach, didn't take a time out until it was 15-0. I mean was D'Antoni on his FB account during this start to the game? The true myth. What an absolute disgrace.


Isn't is crazy how people talk about their most intimate things in public now on their cell phones? Right in the street, on an elevator (everyone has to make sure their cell is working on the elevator), in a restaurant, etc. But you knwo where it is so NOT cool to be talking on your cell? THE BATHROOM! Honestly, if you are a guy, and you are peacefully trying to use the facilities, I promise that NO ONE wants to hear about the woman you went out wiuth last night, or what you need to get from the store, or whatever. BAD FORM!!! (Donlt worry in weeks to come there will be more kernels of truth about male bathroom etiquette!). Likewise, talking with the phone at your ear while at a urinal at a sporting event is NOT cool. It is moronic. Its a closer call I suppose if you are placing a halftime wagre of some sort but even then, err on the tunnel not the bathroom.


I know I overstate this myth. I am sure some poeple really do love what they do. But really? Given the choice between work and not work, is it a choice? I mean they call it work for a reason, no? Another familiar theme here. Work-aholics don't even love their jobs, they are just addicted to it.

I love listening to people say "if I won the lottery I would keep on working at the corner deli, or the finance cubicle, or in my hardware store." Really? I mean get real! If I won the lottery and didn't have to work another day in my life, I wouldn't. People say "you would get bored blah blah." I say obviously you don't know me too well! :) I mean I say these things for effect, since I really am not holding out much hope for retirment lottery winners (seems like it is always a group of 39 people from Iowa) but I am pretty sure I could fill my days. I might blog more, but I wouldn;t start a new business, or do anything that could be cofused with true, honest-to-goodness "work."

A Friday night taste of myth-busting, all.


Am I the only one who had no problem with the President being a little self-deprecating? I mean unlike most of my friends who have drank and engulfed President Obama's "cool" aid, I do think that he took a lot of dumb heat for his oft-hand comment today. I guess it goes to show that you can't make bad jokes. It was a dumb thing to say but he meant no offense. That said, I am wondering like some about the image of him on the Tonight Show, doing brackets, joking about the first dog, and his bowling, catching the Bulls games etc 60 days into office with the market down nearly 40% since he took office and people scared beyond comprehension.

Am I the only one who wonders how we can put a man on the moon, live to see a country that had such horrible racial history elect a man of parital African-American descent President, see the Tampa Bay Devil Ryas make a World Series, but that no NUmber 16 seed Number one in Round one of the NCAA tounrey? I truly believe that the day is coming -- in the next 3 years it shall happen!

Am I the only one who would like to see Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank just go far far away?

Am I the only one who wonders if Derek Jeter is truly perfect?

Am I the only one who finds it 'magical" that Ervin Johnson, is coming up on year 18 since being diagnosed publicly with HIV?

Am I the only one botherd by the factthat the3 cost of snacks for a family of four costs more than the movie itself?

Am I the only one who is still wondering how long before Christian dumps Lizzie on NIp/Tuck now that he learned he isn't dying?

Am I the only who thinks that the greatest invention in our lifetime is not the Internet or the hybrid or something from NASA, but the remote plus tivo?

Chime in gang when time allows. Tell me what you are wondering too!

Have a great weekend.


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