Saturday, March 21, 2009


March 21, 2009

An early morning entry. There truly is nothing greater than the tournament.

Siena-Ohio State 2 OTs and a kid about 5 ft 2 hits a three to win it for Siena, the owners of arguably the ugliest uniforms ever. Wisconsin-Florida State -- Wisconsin in OT. Cleveland State blows out big bad overrated Wake.


How many times (hence the tie-in to the subject matter) do coaches have to lose games before they realize a basic basketball truism? A team down 3 with ball can't tie the score if you send them to the line!! Memphis cost themselves a national title by letting the kid shoot the three. Tonight Siena down 3, with 9 seconds left. Ohio State let's kid dribble up court, cross half court, take 2 more dribbles and with about 3 seconds left, let him take a game tying 3, allowing them to eventually win in ot (same kid drains the game winner). HELLO -- JUST SLAP THE KID ON THE WRIST AS HE IS DRIBBLING WITH 4 SECONDS TO GO!! MAKE HIM HIS TWO FOUL SHOTS, FOUL YOU AND THEN THROW IN A GAME WINNER FROM 75 FEET. OR TRY AND MISS PURPOSELY ETC. HOW MANY TIMES DO COACHES HAVE TO LOSE GAMES THIS WAY -- THEY GET PAID MILLIONS TO NOT LOSE GAMES FOR THEIR KIDS!!!

I AM AGGRAVATED. And I couldnt tell you the name of one kid on Siena before the game tonight!

Be on the lookout for the bar mitzvah preview, movie reviews, random sports blogs, and other musings. An appetizer for today:


Now every one who has ever wagered knows full well there is no such thing. But here is one that just "seems true." Whoever the experts declare on Selection Sunday is "the last at-large team to receive a bid" is GUARANTEED TO NOT ONLY COVER BUT TO WIN OUTRIGHT! That team ALWAYS feels like they have something to prove and they just come out and get it done. Evidence tonight -- Arizona. I thought they got in on rep too. Yet there they went tonight -- outright win over the 5 seed. Easily. I am thinking the Mormon schools had really rough tourney as an aside (Utah, Utah State, BYU). Don't exactly know what that means. Makes me long for Danny Ainge going coast to coast and the 7 foot 11 guy (exaggerated) Shawn Bradley! I digress. Honorable mention on "the last team in" theme -- Wisconsin, also a 12 seed. Beats the daunted ACC.

Secondary rule -- always always take the Vikings of Cleveland State in Round One. They have been there twice in 20 years and won both times. As an aside, watching them dismantle Wake (the daunted, maybe that should be overrated ACC -- Clemson out, Wake out, FSU out) reminded me of how much fun that team was in 1985 -- and how they got hosed against the Admiral and Navy in the Sweet 16. I watched that game (I want to say at my then girlfriend Anita's house) and was screaming at the tiniest of televisons!

Underdogs galore. As usual.


Match Play golf. The World Baseball Classic. That Dennis Johnson is not in the NBA Hall of Fame where Larry Bird called him the greatest teammate of all time. That ESPN Classics only televises old AWA Wrestling as opposed to what was then called midget wrestling and today would be more respectfully known as little people wrestling (when ESPN first came on they aired anything and everything including little people wrestling). That CBS conitnues to be awful at switching games. They go to Wisconsin-Florida correctly with 8 seconds to go with Siena-Ohio State in a timeout with 24 seconds to go. I kid you not -- as the kid from Wisconsin shoots the would-be game winning 3 at the buzzer, with the bull literally in the air heading towards the hoops, they cut-away back to Siena-Ohio State! Did the shot go in? In and out? I MEAN ARE YOU KIDDING???? I had to read the mini top-of-screen scroll to find out if the kid was a hero or the game was heading into ot! What makes no sense - -that ESPN has paid zillions for football, but can't get back the tournament! That Stephon Marbury has a chance to win a title with the Celtics.


Snow in NYC on first day of spring. That kids of this generation do not know from Space Invaders, Asteroids, Galaxica, and pinball. That I am up blogging aimlessly at 12:55 am. That Delaware wants to have professional sports betting but doesn't have a professional team. That I haven't yet started my column called "The Fry Guy" (Yes, I wanted to be french fry reviewer --anybody can review the restaurant and the meal, but only the truly inventive would review just the fries!) . And that my kids are already smarter and more talented than I ever was. How can that be?


Just teasing -- later today!

Happy Saturday one and all. Look forward to everyone's postings.

In the weeks and months to come, graphics, pictures, links, maybe even ads will be added to Korny's Kernel's of Truth. Also, plan to finally at long last develop my own interactive "Movie Madness" Internet Book. Going to be lots of fun.

Friday, March 20, 2009


MARCH 20, 2009

Hey all. I am DETERMINED to BLOG A LITTLE at least every day. Like every new year's resolution, every weight loss plan or health plan or diet, we shall see how long it lasts!


You know what I say to this popular myth -- NONSENSE! My kids are well-rounded, engaging, well-spoken, and honors students. I say thins not to be a braggart I swear. But to use my own life experience to disple the notion that somehow evil will become your children if they watch too much tv. My kids learned math, stats, vocabulary, new words, and memory skills from tc. Thank you ESPN! Now I am only half-kidding here. I appreciate the notion of engaging your kids, and having them read and write. But each kid is different. There is no shame in tv. Especially if you stop and use it asa teaching tool! So should you have kids who like TV don;t panic! Doesn;t mean they will all wind up 400 pounds with no brain:) I view this parenting "absolute" as exaggerated religious dogma. Or more consistnet with certain other myths -- don't go swimming after a full meal. Why not exactly? By the way, one could easily substitute "video games" for tv up above!


For those who have suffered through the demise of this once proud franchise, it is insulting to consider a team 12 games under .500 that plays no defense, has no center, and basically play streetball are a "playoff contender." The Sacramento Kings, the worst team in basketball came into the "World's Most Famous Arena" and opened up the game 15-0 tonight.

What is more amazing than that sad fact is that the brilliant coach, didn't take a time out until it was 15-0. I mean was D'Antoni on his FB account during this start to the game? The true myth. What an absolute disgrace.


Isn't is crazy how people talk about their most intimate things in public now on their cell phones? Right in the street, on an elevator (everyone has to make sure their cell is working on the elevator), in a restaurant, etc. But you knwo where it is so NOT cool to be talking on your cell? THE BATHROOM! Honestly, if you are a guy, and you are peacefully trying to use the facilities, I promise that NO ONE wants to hear about the woman you went out wiuth last night, or what you need to get from the store, or whatever. BAD FORM!!! (Donlt worry in weeks to come there will be more kernels of truth about male bathroom etiquette!). Likewise, talking with the phone at your ear while at a urinal at a sporting event is NOT cool. It is moronic. Its a closer call I suppose if you are placing a halftime wagre of some sort but even then, err on the tunnel not the bathroom.


I know I overstate this myth. I am sure some poeple really do love what they do. But really? Given the choice between work and not work, is it a choice? I mean they call it work for a reason, no? Another familiar theme here. Work-aholics don't even love their jobs, they are just addicted to it.

I love listening to people say "if I won the lottery I would keep on working at the corner deli, or the finance cubicle, or in my hardware store." Really? I mean get real! If I won the lottery and didn't have to work another day in my life, I wouldn't. People say "you would get bored blah blah." I say obviously you don't know me too well! :) I mean I say these things for effect, since I really am not holding out much hope for retirment lottery winners (seems like it is always a group of 39 people from Iowa) but I am pretty sure I could fill my days. I might blog more, but I wouldn;t start a new business, or do anything that could be cofused with true, honest-to-goodness "work."

A Friday night taste of myth-busting, all.


Am I the only one who had no problem with the President being a little self-deprecating? I mean unlike most of my friends who have drank and engulfed President Obama's "cool" aid, I do think that he took a lot of dumb heat for his oft-hand comment today. I guess it goes to show that you can't make bad jokes. It was a dumb thing to say but he meant no offense. That said, I am wondering like some about the image of him on the Tonight Show, doing brackets, joking about the first dog, and his bowling, catching the Bulls games etc 60 days into office with the market down nearly 40% since he took office and people scared beyond comprehension.

Am I the only one who wonders how we can put a man on the moon, live to see a country that had such horrible racial history elect a man of parital African-American descent President, see the Tampa Bay Devil Ryas make a World Series, but that no NUmber 16 seed Number one in Round one of the NCAA tounrey? I truly believe that the day is coming -- in the next 3 years it shall happen!

Am I the only one who would like to see Christopher Dodd and Barney Frank just go far far away?

Am I the only one who wonders if Derek Jeter is truly perfect?

Am I the only one who finds it 'magical" that Ervin Johnson, is coming up on year 18 since being diagnosed publicly with HIV?

Am I the only one botherd by the factthat the3 cost of snacks for a family of four costs more than the movie itself?

Am I the only one who is still wondering how long before Christian dumps Lizzie on NIp/Tuck now that he learned he isn't dying?

Am I the only who thinks that the greatest invention in our lifetime is not the Internet or the hybrid or something from NASA, but the remote plus tivo?

Chime in gang when time allows. Tell me what you are wondering too!

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Debut Blog


I have been wanting to have a non-FaceBook outlet for random thoughts, opinions, comments, and general rants. Longing for my college sports-writing days ("Korny's Notes-N-Quotes"), this blog will be Korny's random "kernels" of information. Could be sports, politics, social, pop culture or whatever pops into my head!! Dawn will help me get the "form" and "look and feel" of the site updated in weeks to come. For now, I will write when I can!

I hope you all check it out, join in and help create a lively "buzz" on here!! Is going to be a lot of fun, I promise. Please be respectful when posting -- language appropriate for all please!!!

Here goes -- "The Debut Blog." March 19, 2009.

Today is a happy day in Kornfeld-land. Hence, the inspiration.

A personal day today (bar mitzvah madness continues for both of my 2 boys; oldest's is in 9 days, youngest will be October 2010 and we need a place!). Pretty relaxing. And in the zone.


If people take off for St Patrick's Day, President's day, their birthday or when their favorite team wins a sports championship why not "madness Thursday and Friday? I propose something "radical" -- make the beginning of the NCAA tournament, the first two days, a formal legal holiday! No greater sporting event out there, and millions go to bars and their computers to watch as it is. Hence just make it a paid holiday! Give people that Thursday-Sunday off and it will re-charge their batteries as spring approaches. Seriously. Companies and firms give people the day after christmas or new years or july 4th off depending on if it is a Thursday-Friday deal. The tounrament deserves the same elevated treatment. Indeed with President Obama the first President to publicly pick his bracket for ESPN (thereby endorsing some form of wagering, no?) this seems to be the opportune time to get this through Congress! I mean we can all take a break from the misery of the economy, the fight over the social agenda, the pains and losses suffered by the heroes of our military, to ALL rally around this great, so0lely American common cause!

Without doing any kind of socialogical or scientific or economic study, I am sure that productivity of most working adult males goes out the window, people spend hours tracking their teams in "brackets" on the Internet, people spend half the day if not more on So why accept the pretense that people are actually working? The loss of productivity (people at their desks not working) could be converted in some way into people spending money or at a minimum not wasting time!

Me and my dad and my buddies usually head to Vegas every other year now (ah old age -- when we were in our 20s, it was every year, but houses, mortgages, kids, wifes and jobs later, its an every other year rite of passage) for the tourney. It has been written about thousands of times but bears repeating -- there is truly NOTHING like the first rounds of the NCAA tounrey in Las Vegas. All normal things go out the window. Sleep. Conscious eating. Money management. Normal speaking tones (people screaming second to second). Cheeseburgers and Jack Daniels at 8am. No sunlight for days. Not to steal from the greatest sportswriter of our generation "The Sports Guy" (I will always pay homage), but Las Vegas for the tournament is "the bomb." There is no equal. Exhileration, misery, sleep deprivation, dehydration, decoloration, and utter loss of self -- the perfect get-away.

If you think NCAA Days 1 and 2 should be a federal holiday chime in. If not, . . . see the prior clause.

Kernel Number 2 -- STARBUCKS

I am late to this party I know but am I the only one who is convinced that Starbucks simply cannot get the drink right no matter what? I go to the same one every day and it takes FOREVER to make. And rarely do they get it completely right. I know the kids who work behind the counter try hard. I know it is hard to be on your feet all day. I know poeple like me who order six things in their drink can gnaw away at you. I am not an obnoious person and have a lot of patience. I appreciate that people are working hard. I do. But still -- please, I beg you please, CONCENTRATE! I want a tall, decaf, 3 splenda soy misto. Not grande. Not skim. Not latte. Not sugar. Not with cinnamon sugar free sauce. What I ordered.

And this leads me to a rant -- very few things in life that bug me. But the one that does the most -- people who hate their job and take it out on you! The people sometimes at the DMV (NOT ALL PEOPLE OF COURSE), the receptionist at the medical facility who takes your insurance information and slams that annoying little window shut after handing you the two million forms to fill out to get your sore throat looked at by the non-doctor, the toll booth person, etc.

Let me be clear -- it is cool if you don't like your job all the time or ever. I have NO problem with it. That's why its "work" and not "fun." But IT IS NOT MY FAULT YOU ARE MISERABLE -- SO DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON ME!!!! TAKE PRIDE IN WHAT YOU DO OR DONT BUT DON'T TREAT ME POORLY BECAUSE YOU ARE UNHAPPY. SERIOUSLY.


How is it that I go into Starbucks and order the same drink 5 days in a row and it costs 3 different prices?

How about the salad place? I bought EXACT same thing two days in a row, same salad, same snapples, same water, and one day $17 bucks, the next $14?

I was just wondering.


I know it's important. I know it makes you look and feel better. But do people really "like" it? I have been going to the gym routinely now 2-3x a week for 3 months. I am not a work-out fiend and cannot honestly say that I have ever been committed to going to the gym for any stretch but these 3 months. And it is because I find it a real mental struggle. I know it requires discipline. And I admit I don't mind the alone time where I push myself a little. And I do feel a little better. But there is really nothing "enjoyable" about the experience. It is exhausting. At times boring. And otherwise miserable. And no, doing "classes" or "working out with a friend" won't be "fun." I go to the gym at off hour when all of the beautiful people are working!! I don't want to be the super fat guy all the fit people are thinking to themselves -- wow this is why I do this! I swear, I see this woman at the gym every day -- she does the stairs or some other cardio machine where she is "running" faster than any normal person should inside when not being chased, and is sweating more than Patrick Ewing in a playoff game; and she must weigh 80 pounds soaking wet with clothes. It scares me a little.

It took me 20 plus years to get so ridiculously out-of-shape. So it should be no real surprise that it isn't taking 3 months to be "fit" (by the way in those Bowflex commercials do you EVER see someone in it that looks like me -- rotund, out of shape? Of course not! So the suggestion that I could look like the Mr. Univere's in just 90 days is an insult to anyone with a quarter of a brain!). And that is the DEPRESSING PART! I will solider on but I simply don't believe you health nuts out there who pretend to like exercising at the gym!


5 kernels for this posting will do. I will try and end blogs with some musings:

Am I the only one who wonders whether the market could literally go to zero? Or if Lipstick Jungle will be renewed? Or if the L word Series Finale could have been any worse? If Televsion executives should bring back shows they failed to "end" like "Soap" or "October Road?" Or if Facebook addiction will morph from being a joke on line to something a psychiatrist will actually label one day as some sort of affliction? Am I the only one who is wondering about stupid stuff at such a dire time? I sure hope not!!

Look for hoops, baseball analysis, family postings, pop culture, politics, funny stories and the unexpected in future blogs!

For now, have a great night. I wish all success in not seeing their brackets busted on Day 1.