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Mother's Day Blog -- restaurant, bathroom, movie review, a Daly tribute, a way to diet and save money, a Star-Trek rev iew and more!

MAY 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day all. Today's blog will be brief as we have a 3 pm "championship" basketball game for Brett, leaving at 2 or so.


Mother's Day excitement in Kornfeld land: And a 5-star bathroom!

Normally we have brunch with my mom, my sister-in-law Nancy out in LI. But Brett's AAU basketball season shows no mercy in scheduling as there are tournaments Mother's Day weekend, Memorial Day Weekend, Father's Day weekend. Chaos to be sure. Thus, we adapt on the fly.

Per usual, I shop late for Dawn, which usually inures to her benefit on the day in question.

A world record 8 cards are delivered between me and the boys. Pretty impressive showing by the Kornfeld men. I have learned not to try and have flowers delivered anymore and there is a nice florist who is opno n Mother's Day two minutes from house. I go for broad array with lots of colrs. The trip is marred by me stepping on a tack which goes through the bottom of my torn to shred have had forever sneakers. Unknown to me, the tack is literally in my foot until I take the sneaker home. Ouch! I survived and the sneakers hit the trash.

In addition to a nicely organized bouquet with lots of colrs and flower types, Dawn scores breakfast in bed of egg, spinach and mushroom on a bagel, half an everything bagel, a chai tea latte, a mothers day chorus of bad singing by the men, a chocolate chip coffee cake mini ciclualr muffin thing from Einsteins, she gets a ton of knick-knacky necklaces and bracelets and earrings from the boys who shppped for her during the cruise, a gift certificate for cosmetics to Sephora, a nice pink coat, hair scrunchies, earings from me and a water proff watch, simple lunch on the water (no brunch). Nice, quaint place in Norwalk. Of course in 5 years living in Norwalk never once did we go there! Anyway, caesra salad, stuffed shrimp and flourless cake does the trick for the guest of honor.

I get to take Brett and his buddy to their championship game today. Brett's team got clobbered by this same team yesterday so it is merciful of me to let Dawn off the hook. Dyland she are off see 17 Again, which Brett and I have seen.

The funniest part of the day today? Brett comes back from the men's room in the restaurant, and in true Kornfeld man fashion gives a men's room critique. "I have to give that bathroom my 5 star rating mom!" "Why?" Great jazz music, clean, big sink, strong water pressure, and smelled really nice. I couldn't make this up if I tried. Dawn and I start cracking up.

Food was good. Cold bread and hard butter is not the Kornfeld style but fresh. We prefer warm bread and soft butter. Having to ask for bread when the virgin olive oil is out and enticing from the get-go is a bit of a bummer. But they save the day as of course I forget to take back my credit card. The guy chases us down in parking lot (than Dawn for stopping to take water view pictures) and says, "he didn't have time to shop today." Funny.

But for the thumb tack in my foot and splling all the water from the vase and the kids leaving crums all over our bed, an excellent mothers day so far!


I hate sci-fi. I have said this. It is too much work for my pea of a brain. So you know Star-Trek must have been really good since I did not hate it. Don;t get me wrong, I didn't love it but I liked it enough and didnt fall asleep. It took Dawn to explain some stuff to me after the fact, and it gets a little hokey and jump-the-sharky for me, but its visually impressive, the way they do the characters as the prequel is excellent, there is some devlish irony, some random stuff which is funny, and it is super loud. For those who like The Enterprise, the tv show, the characters, the jounrey through space, the federation, the rom peopel, the vulcans, and great special effects, there is something for everybody. I mean it is still too complicated for people like me, and has too many I thin kthat was dumb moments but it is bold and goes where you would expect it to, so its a recommended go see from the non sci-fi guy.


Was saddened by the death of the Hall of Famer. Seemed like a regular guy. And anyone who could transform what amounted to essentially a bunch of punks into a cohesive tough championship squad deserves all props. Rodman, Isaaih, Lambieer Mahorn etc. Plus, being the coach of the Dream Team originals is pretty cool. RIP C Daly.


I could blog this for about a hundred years. Blame Boras, the league, the doctor, the team doctors, the fans, whoever. But Manny taking hormones and steroids and not knowing they might violate league rules, and costs himself 8m and the Dodgers 50 games is almost too comical to write about. He is as one paper put it "A Big Dope."

Palmiero, McGwire, Giambi at first, Boone at second, Tejada at short, Arod/Caminitii (rest in peace) at third, Sheff, Bonds, Sosa and now Manny in the outfield with plus Clemens. What a list.


Whether Sylar from Heroes and Spock from the new Star-Trek should play the romantic lead in a comedy with Meg Ryan to mix it up a little?

Whether Izzie is better off dying this week on Grey's rather than being married to Alex next season?

Whether Wrestling will have its own VKMTV channel soon (Vincent Kennedy McMahon) as the WWE now has 4 nights of programming on 4 separate channels (USA, MY 9, Sci-Fi and WGH Superstation). I have said for a long time that he could develop his own network with the shows he has, produces, a la the YESNetwrok. I say by 2011, this and the WWE Hall of Fame!

Whether when they schedule AAU tournaments the people in charge should make sure the teams are more competitive in terms of size and age?

Whether people at my 20 year reunion will recognize me now that I have gained a zillion pounds?

Why my business credit card people let my card expire without sending me a new one? What are they trying to say?

Why it took so long for the defense guy who ran the fly by in NY to resign?

Why the banks need more money but arent loaning any?

Whether I could lose 50 pounds if I had 3 months to focus on just that?

Whether I could do what my wife does all day, every day?

Whether other people countdown to sleepaway camp along with us?


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