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MARCH 26, 2009

So after 2 years, zillions of stresses, aggravations, wins, losses, dollars and more stresses (mostly for Dawn!), the bar mitzvah of Brett Adam Kornfeld is nearly upon us. And in the "miracles never cease" department all seem to be healthy for the first time in what seems like 2 years (really the last 6 days). Dawn is in last minute organizational mode, the weather is nice, Brett is relaxed and hungry already! We are hoping for great sunshine so cocktail hour can be outside too!

Dawn has in tribute done a herculean job here. Amazing doesn't begin to capture it. I have contributed in major spots and opined where necessary. But this was clearly her and Brett's show. And she has been great in every way. Even this week with viruses and madness and chaos and hundreds of calls, emails, vendors, changes and the usual planning issues she has maintained her sanity which if I am being honest is no small feat in planning an affair of this diverse magnitude especially since calm and Dawn are not always one in the same in the mos endearing of ways!

So props to my beloved. Miracles truly never cease.


Brought my shoes in Wednesday. The nice craftsman says "I'm working on it today come back in a few hours. So I do. And he says "sorry I didn't get to it. "Come back tomorrow morning. So I do. And when I arrive he says, "come back in an hour. I am working on them now. " So I come back today. Finally he delivers them to me. Hence, the third time is a charm.

What makes this story funny is that of course he took "cash in full in advance." I didn't mind. I like the shoe guy. He is in the tiniest corner of the strip mall in a storefront if that's what one would call it, the size, pardon the pun of a shoe box. He is an old school craftsman. Talent and pride in his craft. I like it.


Ok, I confess. I am a "crackberry" addict. I am super responsive. I live on the thing. I don't expect warp speed responses. (I got addicted working for a newspaper client who would email me at odd hours because he was up getting the paper out the door and he liked that I would be so responsive at that hour!). I really do not. I am tolerant by nature. But I hate when I know people have opened and read my eamil and consciously choose to say nothing! If I called and you pciked up you wouldn't just say nothing (and by the way I usually have called!). Today's pet peeve.

Irony of this -- this hasn't happened today. It just popped into my head. Hence the mini rant.


It is sacreligious to say out loud. I love Coach K. And I am a Duke guy so much more than a Carolina guy. Any kid would be better off having played for Coach K. But it is clear to me after watching Duke this season, that Duke is simply not getting the same level of student athlete for men's college hoops anymore. Coach K gets the most out of his kids, and the fact that they only last half a dozen games all season, including the two to NC was nothing short of incredible. Watching them get blown out last night confirmed what I said to a friend at ESPN a few weeks ago after they lost the ACC crown to NC on last day pre-ACC tounrament (I watched the second half of this game in sports bar Archie Moores -- incredible bar food -- with Dawn and the kids and had much fun -- random detour to my point) -- kids just aren't loving coming to Duke anymore for hoops to play for Coach K. And he looks tired. I mean really tired. It used to be his coaching and the mental touhness of his kids would combine with a few of the athletes and they would find ways to win and go deeper in the tournament. Coach K himself would be worth a win or two in the Big Dance. Not any more. The coaches and the players have not just caught up with Duke, but passed them by. While he is Duke basketball, and I truly love him, I think it may be time for him to pass the baton. Do not misread me -- Duke should not make this change. I think Coach K has nothing left to prove and should make this his last season. For his own sake. I just do not think they will ever get back to the mountain. Pains me to say.


Since I usually point out the bad servers, props to the gas station man. Irving's gas (yes, that is the name). The onwer himself, Irving, pumps the gas, checks your tires, is friednly and attentive. Personal, old school service. Well done.


How working outside makes work much nicer for those of us usually chained to a desk?

Whether his wife will be crushed now that shirtless, ab wrestler John 12 Round Cena is marrying his high school sweetehart?

If Bill Raftery should trademark the phrase "Onions" with some sort of logo (his signature line when a kid steps up and hits a clutch shot)?

If Isaiah Thomas really could get the Clipper job and take a franchise that truly can't be ruined and ruin it worse? If I could care any less about Madonna-Arod?

If Nancy Grace can make millions forever off "Tot Mom" or "Where is Caylee?" (the awful story of the poor little girl who was allegedly killed by her hard-partying, non-responsible mother)?

If Howard K. Stern would survive prison if convicted of contributing to Anna Nicole's death?

If OJ is losing his mind?

If the grass is really greener or is that just a dumb expression?

If Ryan should make Paula and Simon sit apart the way they separate kids who cause mischief in elementary or middle school?

Whether Taylor Hicks should just go away?

Whether Dawn and I can gear right back up for Dylan's bar mitzvah -- only 19-20 months away! 2010 here we come.

Will do the bar mitzvah play-by-play blog likely on Sunday. Enjoy the weekend one and all.


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