Monday, March 23, 2009


MARCH 23, 2009

So yesterday I was too sick to blog, sadly. Dawn, with a week to go until Brett's bar mitzvah put me on lock down. I spent all day in my bedroom. Sleep, college hoops, sleep, crackers, powerade, sleep, and then finally some grilled chicken! Never thought I would love a plan grilled chicken (no mayo) from McDonald's sooo much! Anyway, Saturday night was about the sickest I have felt in a pretty long time; combination of way too much food, bad Chinse food and some sort of viral bug conspired to take me down. As a result I was pretty useless yesterday.

Today, I am still under the weather (weak) but feeling 100% better, resting, etc. There is full scale defcon 4 alert for Bretts bar mitzvah (as in no one is allowed to be sick!). Of course when I did my bar mitzvah a few hundred years a go I was sick and it wasn;t pretty . . . !!!!

Anyway, a quick blog before I return to bed:


Forgot this one last week. I was in the gym. And weirdly a healthy food company of sorts was setting up to have hot plate tastings of food right there in the gym. Seemed nice enough. Except -- when I am about to leave the locker room and work out I see the guy with the tray for the hot plate that they warm coming out of the bathroom with the tray full of water. I kid you not, they were using the bathroom water from the locker room to assist in the preparation of the health food they wanted people to taste after working out. Like I said, you cannot make this stuff up.


The best part of being sick is having the chance to lay in bed and watch West Wing. Today's classic -- Let Bartlett be Bartlett. Leo has more good lines in an episode than most characters ever have before cancellation. "A man stands up". "I serve at the pleasure of the President." Our ground game isn't working so we are going to put the ball in the air." Democrat or Republican, this show was so smart, so cool so amazing I could watch it every day. Whereas for many years my all-time favorite tv show was Hill Street Blues (and may still be), with the passage of time, West Wing is rallying. Korny's all-time top 10 tv (non-cable) shows:

Hill Street, West Wing, NYPD Blue, Cheers, Soap (ahead of its time and cancelled way too soon), The Odd Couple, LA Law (although fading with the passage of time), Seinfeld, Night Court, and The Cosby Show. I was not a Lou Grant or Mary Tyler Moore fan but understand those who might go that way. Shows like ER, Grey'Anatomy fall outside.

Favorite tv characters of all time:

Leo (West Wing), Captain Furillo (aka Pizza Man, Hill Street), Belker (Hill Street), Sipowicz (NYPD Blue), Roz (LA Law), Charlie (West Wing), Oscar (Odd Couple), Elaine (Seinfeld), Costanza (Seinfeld), Bull (Night Court).

Cable shows tomorrow.


Am I the only one who wonders if we will survive the bar mitzvah? Am I the only one who wonders where all the change is? Am I the only one who hates being the feeble sick man? Am I the only one who thinks Lie to Me is a little too scary if true? Am I the only one who wonders if you can go blind reading FB now? Am I the only one who thinks suburban sports do not get the idea of sport? Am I the only one who thinks that the Sunday morning shows are not the same without Russert? Am I the only one who thinks it cool that Donovan McNabb sent my son an autogrpahed football card turning him down on his invite to the bar mitzvah?

More later -- if I am awake! All ciomments welcome! Starting next week, all types of lists will be generated for discourse. ENJOY!! -- KORNY

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